the relative calmness of things…

For the major change that is about to happen, I am surprised at how uncomplicated things have been. In two weeks, I have to pack up part of my apartment in preparation for my subletter, finish an entire season of new arangements for Sur et Veritaal, tie up all other sorts of loose ends, and head off to Vermont for Chamber Music Conference East, where I will be the Composition Fellow for the week. The very morning the festival is over, I drive from Vermont straight to Newark Airport, and fly out to New Delhi that night.

Every other time I’ve moved, it’s seemed like such an upheavel – my last move from New York City to New Haven, CT culminated in one of my best friends and me hurling things into unmarked boxes at 3AM the night before the movers came. But even though I’m moving halfway around the world now, it seems like a pretty calm if not totally exciting prospect.

I think one of the most comforting things is that I’m not entirely moving out of my apartment here – I’m just subletting it for a year, as I have a place in the doctoral program at the Yale School of Music in the fall of 2012. It helps to know that I have something solid to return to next fall, and also that many of my closest friends will be here when I return. If my two years of masters degree at Yale were short, I can’t imagine how quickly this year in India will fly by. Admittedly, I have been googling things like, “techniques for enjoying every moment”. I keep thinking about how hard it will be on the other end, to say goodbye to the amazing people I know I will meet in India. But who knows, maybe I will be back there too, before I know it.

For now, packing awaits.


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