pictures of the apartment

Our awesome apartment in Lajpat Nagar (kinda South Delhi). We have the entire first floor (so second floor for Americans)

the little mailbox is right outside our front door. Also, पत्र was one of the first words I learned in Hindi... :)

my bedroom

the other side of my room, and door to my bathroom

the living room

the kitchen

the dining room

the view from my bedroom balcony

our living room balcony, looking west

A variety of things go by on the street every day, each with a different kind of horn, bell, or person yelling any number of things. The yelling goes on from just before dawn to just after dusk, and the horn honking/bell ringing goes on at all hours of the night, even on this tiny residential street. Truth be told, I actually quite enjoy the street noise. It makes the city feel vibrant and alive. Here is a picture of a bicycle rickshaw, which you would take for short trips.

the auto-rickshaw is the most common kind of rickshaw for slightly longer rides. It is basically a motorized tricycle, and feels a little like riding in a bumper car. Suffice it to say, there is never a dull moment during a rickshaw ride. The whole rickshaw situation in India is quite interesting - I will post more on this later.

there are also many street vendors that come by multiple times a day, selling their goods. They usually yell something like, "aaaaaya!" as they walk by, and if you want something, you go out to your balcony and yell down to them for what you want. There are vendors that sell vegetables, milk, etc. I even saw one selling wooden flutes this morning. This one looks like he's selling bangles and books among other things. Once I get a chair for my balcony, I'm looking forward to some serious people watching.

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