seriously, what is going ON today??

I’m pretty sure I just felt an earthquake. I’ve been at home alone this evening, practicing and updating my blog, and just a few minutes ago I suddenly felt the whole building shaking. I immediately ran to the doorway and stood there waiting.

Given the events of this morning, I was terrified that somehow it was another explosion. My first instinct was to google it and see what I could find. Of course, there was nothing coming up in a search minutes afterward. Only after that it occurred to me to just go out to my balcony. I was comforted to see many of my neighbors also standing out on their balconies, yelling to one another up and down the street in Hindi, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Just an hour ago, I finished editing and posting an entry I had started two weeks ago about the strong sense of community here. Even though I’m here by myself right now, I hardly feel alone.

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