If I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s not for lack of time spent writing. In fact, I’ve spent more time writing in the last week than I probably ever have before. Aside from an article I’ve been working on for New Music Box, I also have four speaking engagements coming up.

Tomorrow, I will be part of a presentation at the AdAsia 2011 Congress, talking about the youth perspective and giving a brief account of my recent musical work. On November 5th, I will be in Chennai at the INK Salon (INK is an affiliate of TED), giving a longer presentation about my work in western and Indian classical music. Then on November 14th, I will be giving a talk at a local school in Goa about narrative in music. Much later, in January, I will be doing a lecture-demonstration for the Delhi University English Department about text setting in western classical music.

I’m really excited about all of this! As a composer, it’s not often I get to be in front of people this much – my work is done far in advance of a performance, and by the time the day actually rolls around, I’m already far into writing the next piece of music.

When I do talk about my work, it’s usually to an audience of fellow composers in a seminar setting. But each of these engagements demand something a little different from me: some are more technical, others are more personal; the audiences range from school children to executives; the topics range from broad observations about western music to defining events in my life.

Each time I work on a talk and think about how to reach out to each particular audience, I see different themes emerge in my own jumbled story. It’s interesting to see these facts and events get thrown around and framed differently, each showing different facets of my life. The path certainly hasn’t been straight, but it also hasn’t been boring.

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One Response to talks.

  1. Amy says:

    Excited for you to visit Chennai!! I will come and be a paparazzi during your talk for INK.

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