NewMusicBox article

The article I’ve been working on this past month for NewMusicBox, about the culture of Hindustani Classical Music, just went live! You can read it here.

I have been an avid reader of NewMusicBox since I first decided I wanted to be a composer 12 years ago, so I’m very honored to actually have something published in the magazine!

This is the first time I’ve attempted to write about Indian classical music. But I’m learning so much every day, and I hope that as the months go by, I will be able to continue to find ways to describe the beauty and nuance of this incredible music.

My sincere thanks to Alexandra Gardner for being an awesome editor and putting up with my crazy schedule.

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One Response to NewMusicBox article

  1. dboyk says:

    Great article! Really enjoyed it.

    This guy that I know, who’s a tabla player who studied with Pankaj [Somebody], the guy who James Kippen (Tabla of Lucknow) also studied with, said that one time Kippen and Pankaj were in Paris or somewhere together. They (especially Pankaj) got drunk, and Pankaj spent the entire night singing pieces whose existence he’d always denied. He wouldn’t let Kippen record them, and afterward he would never play them again. He’s still alive, but he probably hasn’t passed them on to anyone, so they’ll die when he does.

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