apne peir.

Our new roommate, Jess, is starting an internship today at an organization called Apne Aap, which works with women who have been victims of human trafficking. This morning, as she was leaving the house, our maid Anita asked where she was going (since she doesn’t speak Hindi yet, the conversation was mostly between Anita and me).

Me: Jess is going to work.
Anita: Where does she work?
Me: At… a women’s organization.
Anita: Where?
Me: (frantically searching for words to describe child labor, human trafficking, exploitation etc and coming up completely empty.)
Anita: I don’t understand.
Me: The place she works improves the situation of women. It makes their lives better.
Anita: Oh! That’s great! Tell her my leg is hurting!

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2 Responses to apne peir.

  1. Erica says:

    Jess and I should explain notes on how to explain women’s empowerment work. I usually just end up saying that I’m working for “ladies health” and then tribal women show me their teeth and ask if I can help.

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